Stop unwanted thoughts – get unstuck

Getting “unstuck” is one of the most common requests from my clients. Overthinking is a common issue I address in my therapy office.

Have you ever found yourself constantly thinking unwanted thoughts and can’t explain why ? Are you thinking about anything and everything ? Are phrases getting stuck in your thoughts and keep repeating themselves over and over. Sometimes we can ruminate on an event or worry about the future for days…weeks…months and just can’t let it go.

“It’s like my brain won’t shut off – even in the middle of the night when I’m meant to sleeping !.”

“I can’t stop worrying about something happening to my children.”

“I can’t stop thinking about what my life would be like now and how better it would be if I’d done things differently.”

When our ability to control our thoughts breaks down, it causes some of the most debilitating symptoms: intrusive memories, images, hallucinations, ruminations and pathological and persistent worries.

And even though the scientists think they have identified why some of us suffer from this – think prefrontal cortex…hippocampus…neurotransmitters – that doesn’t help us accept these thoughts and diffuse them so they have less impact on us.

Sometimes ruminating about the past and worrying about the future can prevent you from taking positive action. And dwelling on how bad you feel and thinking about all the things you have no control over won’t help you develop a new insight.

We can work together using some of the tools in my therapy toolbox (and there are lots of them!), to lessen the impact of the thoughts, accept them and stop the struggle, lessen their control, so you can get “unstuck” and move on with your life in a meaningful way.

Helping my clients to get unstuck is one of the most rewarding parts of being a therapist.