There’s an anxiety epidemic in our society. So what can we do to stop it ? The answer is alot !
I remember talking to a man years ago in a previous job about anxiety. He remembered when he experienced “anxiety” with his first job in his teenage years. He worried that he wouldn’t be good enough at his job, wouldn’t remember what to do and would lose his job. He got over his nerves by drinking and by prioritising his day. This wasn’t anxiety. This was normal nerves.

If you haven’t experienced anxiety, it may be difficult to understand it and it may be difficult to empathise with those that suffer from it. You can be told to just “chill”, take up yoga, stop taking it all so seriously…

People with chronic anxiety share long-term fears that consistently overwhelm them with panic and emotion, and that fear interferes with their daily lives. Their lives and world can become smaller as they avoid situations that trigger the panic and anxiety. Sometimes you can function fine with mild symptoms, a faint fluttering and a few deep breaths. And other times your body is pumped with adrenaline and you feel like you are in DANGER, you need to FIGHT or RUN.

At Takapuna Therapy I offer a COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH. I treat your whole self, this approach is driven by research that proves this gives the best long-term results. Dealing with just 1 aspect or offering just 1 treatment can work temporarily but then what ?

  • I deal with the physical – deep breathing exercises (to dispel the adrenaline from the muscles), progressive muscle relaxation, nutrition and stimulants, reduce cumulative stress and aerobic exercise
  • I deal with the emotional – suppressed feelings – especially anger, assertiveness skills and improved communication
  • I deal with the behavioural – coping techniques to minimise panic, experential avoidance and exposure therapy
  • I deal with mental – identifying self-talk, mistaken beliefs, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • I deal with the subconscious with hypnotherapy
  • I deal with Interpersonal Relationships
  • I deal with self-esteem – goal setting and identifying values to live a full, rich and meaningful life

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