A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense anxiety and/or fear with physical symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, heart racing, trembling, sweating and chest pain caused by the hormone adrenaline flooding your bloodstream up to 2 ½ times the normal amount.

Sometimes panic attacks can occur without warning with no obvious environmental or situational triggers associated with it. But sometimes situations can regularly trigger panic attacks, either when they actually happen or in anticipation of being in that situation. Actually, a lot of anxiety can be anticipatory. The “fight or flight” system can go amiss, triggered by life stressors or traumatic events, so you can have an overly sensitized fear system.

Regular, chronic panic attacks over a series of months can lead to a diagnosis of panic disorder.

Hypnotherapy and Behavioural Therapy can help identify the initial sensitizing event (ISE) if not known and to settle down the nervous system by overcoming negative and anticipatory thinking, building self-esteem and assertiveness and managing physical symptoms. Hypnotherapy helps you to regress back to where the sympathetic nervous system began to first experience these fears and lacked the the ability to complete the natural response. Then we can work together to correct the experience and heal it.

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