Being a hypnotherapist I often hear “Don’t look into my eyes!”. It’s a joke that comes from media portrayals of hypnosis but stems from some basic myths and fears of hypnosis, so lets clarify!

I can’t be hypnotised.

Everyone who is willing can be hypnotised.

I’ll get stuck.

This is impossible. You are the one who maintains your relaxation and trance and so when you want to end hypnosis all it takes is a thought and you will emerge from hypnosis.

I won’t have control. I’ll either cluck like a chicken or spill my deepest secrets.

Hypnosis empowers you. You gain MORE control and will not say or do anything that you don’t want to. The hypnotherapist has no power and hypnosis is not like a magic spell.

I’ll be unconscious and won’t know what’s happening, being said or have any memory of it afterwards.

You remain completely awake and aware for the whole session. Hypnosis is NOT like sleeping and you will remember the session the same way you remember a conversation you had last week.

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